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Service Without Compromise

At Kutz N Kurlz Hair & Beauty we believe Listening, Understanding and Caring about you and your requirements is of Paramount importance. Our highly trained staff are here to offer their expertise, and guidance without pushing you in to something you really didn't want.

Getting to know you and your normal look is part of our consultation process: will it be a curly hair style or an up-do, a braid or wearing your hair straight, something simple or something spectacular; whatever it is your wedding hair will definitely complete your desired look and make you feel as beautiful as you are.

From up to a year prior to the wedding we together will start looking at the different wedding hair styles as that is part of the excitement and planning process. Our part is advising you on styles that will work with your own image, your wedding dress and your bridesmaids' attire.

What you start with may not be what you have on the day as we will discuss hair colours, the need to growing it long in order to wear it up and what the overall picture will be with all the attendants looks and the desired finished look for you all to complete the picture in your minds' eye. If the appointed stylist is just not getting it.then that's fine...you get to try one of our other excellent team members - sometimes that's what is needed as in life we all interpret things differently - Service Without Compromise.

Your bridesmaids, mother and maybe your mother in law might also be interested in having their hair professionally done for your wedding too, so booking all their appointments means we can plan to make everything work like clockwork and make your day as special as it deserves to be.

Having a wedding hair trial a month or two before your big day with your preferred stylist will ensure that you will be happy with your final wedding hairstyle. To ensure this happen we only undertake Brides styles with a trial before hand which is included in our price structures, you will within that price receive a one hour trial with the stylist, but of course you can have more - it just means we have to charge for that time.

































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