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Microdermabrasion | Non Surgical Face Lifting

Microdermabrasion Treatment | Benefits | Contraindications | Before-After
Microdermabrasion Machine

Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Treatment
The skin renews itself about every 20 days or so. This generally slows down after the age of 30, becoming less efficient. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells improving the skin's texture, revealing a healthy glowing complexion.

Microdermabrasion Exfoliation is a Non-Surgical treatment for anti-ageing, regeneration and a whole host of skin indications.

The treatment removes dead skin cells sending a signal to start the creation of new cells. Immediately the skin becomes smoother and feels and looks fresher. Active agents in cosmeceuticals applied post-treatment are much more easily absorbed.

For 'you' the client, there is an instant, demonstrable improvement in skin tone and appearance. The system uses a hand held Wand which delivers tiny crystals onto the skin at relative high velocity where they are immediately vacuumed away taking with them the top-most layer of dead skin cells. The used crystals and skin cells are collected in a separate container for disposal.

This process improves the tone and texture of the skin revealing new living skin cells that are soft and smooth. This stimulates the underlying epidermis promoting new collagen, thickening the dermis whilst improving resistance to the effects of aging.

Treatment Procedure:-
A cleansing milk is applied which thoroughly removes dirt particles, make up and other impurities deeply cleansing the skin surface.

Enzyme peeling liquid is rubbed over the skin and absorbed. The enzymes dissolve and remove old callous cells remaining too long in the stratum corneum (top layer).

A light layer of enzyme peeling paste is applied to the skin, which dries in a few minutes.This loosens any bond of callous cells but does not decrease moisture.

The skin prep is applied before the Microdermabrasion treatment begins.It disinfects and dries the skin to prepare for treatment.

The Microdemabrasion machine blows crystals onto the skin and removes the horny cells. The used crystals and horny cells are immediately vacuumed into the used crystal container creating a small suction on the skin.

After this part of the treatment the next steps are individually adjusted for each clients individual needs.

Microdermabrasion Treatment | Benefits | Contraindications | Before-After

Benifits of Treatment:-

> Vacuum & Crystal controls are flexible allowing tailor made treatments for individual client needs.
> The treatment is available for All skin types, young or old, male & female with no recovery time needed post treatment.
> Does not usually require a preparation prior to treatment.
> Following treatment, the skin is in a better condition to absorb anti-ageing and acne creams.
> The long term benefits of multiple treatments are accumulative and can be remarkable.
> Prevents early signs of aging.
> Results are Instant.
> Reveals your natural radiance and luminosity and may easily be incorporated into a beauty regime.

Treats the following Skin Conditions:-

> Fine lines and wrinkles.
> Sun Damaged Skin.
> Acne Prone Skin.
> Blackheads.
> Whiteheads.
> Superficial Age Spots & Hyperpigmentation.
> Oily, Dry or Patchy Skin.
> Skin Aging.
> Stretch Marks.
> Cellulite.
> Scarring. Your first treatment usually lasts around 60 minutes including a consultation. Future treatments last around 45 minutes. Several treatments are recommended for best results.

Microdermabrasion Treatment | Benefits | Contraindications | Before-After
Treatment is unavailable to anyone with the following conditions. > Psoriasis.
> Atopic Eczema.
> Skin Cancer.
> Diabetes.
> Sunburn.
> Moles.
> Taking Isotretinoin.

Please check with our Skin Care Technicians if more information is required.







Microdermabrasion Treatment | Benefits | Contraindications | Before-After
Before and After Images:-
Below are some images of results achievable after Reviderm Microdermabrasion treatment using Reviderm & Cellucur products.

Acne Excriare
Pigmentation and scars due to scratching.

Result after 3 treatments - 1 treatment per week.


Hyper-pigmentation after pregnancy caused by hormonal factors.

Result after 8 treatments - 1 treatment per week.
Visible rejuvenation of the skin and amelioration of the skin structure.


Scars in the area between nose and upper lip after a harelip operation.

Results after 4 treatments.


Accidents scarrs.

Result after 4 treatments.
Microdermabrasion treatment vacuum - 1 treatment every 10 days.


Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks after slimming cure.

Result after 7 Mirodermabrasion treatments with low vacuum - 1 treatment every 4 days.


Acute acne caused by hormonal factors - high pigmentation

Result after 8 treatments


Hypotrophic scars with loss of tissue (1mm).

Result after 5 treatments.


45-year old woman - Acute acne caused by hormonal factors.

Visible amelioration after 8 treatments.


18-year old girl - Comedone acne

Acute acne caused by hormonal factors - high pigmentation.


Gunpowder Burn
Gun Powder burning with high pigmentation and injury of the epidermal layer.

Result after 4 treatments - 1 treatment per week.

Result after 11 treatments - 1 treatment every 2 weeks.
































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