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Studio Choice
Choosing the right piercing studio is one of the most important considerations when deciding to have a piercing. Very often once you have decided to have a piercing you want it done straight away, however, it is important you choose your studio carefully. Ask your friends, word of mouth is a good place to start.

Points for Consideration :-
Make sure you feel completely comfortable with your studio choice. Remember, first impressions count. If once you have arrived things are not what you thought, you have the right to leave without having your piercing.

Ask as few or as many questions as you feel necessary to get your needs or concerns answered.

Is it clean and well maintained? This is important to help reduce the risk of infection.

Is it clutter free? Having an array of other items in the studio piercing area increases the risk of infection.

Are all the Tools and Jewellery kept in an orderly and tidy manner? Maybe this is not that important, however, if this area is well organised, it generally indicates the piercers positive, professional attitude to his or her approach to maintaining a clean, tidy & Hygenic piercing studio.

All Tools, Needles & Jewellery should be sterilized, and kept in the sterile packets ready for use. This may be done in a variety of ways, if you feel they may not be sterile, "Do Not" have the piercing done. Ask your piercer to provide proof that the Tools, Needles & Jewellery they are using have been Stetilized. If they are unable to do this, you should consider whether to have the piercing done at this studio?

Your piercer should use a new clean sterile pair of gloves. These should be disposed of safely afterwards.

Your piercer should use a new, clean sterile needle. After the piercing, the used needle "Must Not" be sterilized for re-use. It should be placed in to a Sharps box for safe disposal.

Your piercer should only use jewellery from a sterile packet on new piercings.


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